Remembering Werrington South

Emma Del Dot

February 19, 2017

I write this today as a representative of students in grief, staff in mourning and a university in shock.

As you read this, tens (probably not hundreds) of students prepare to start their second, third or fourth year of study at a completely different campus following the brutal murder of Werrington South Campus.

We dedicate the back page of our publication to Werrington South and remember her 29 years of loyal service. Werrington South was the very essence of solitude, questionable activity and occasional cow invasions.

We take this opportunity to say thank you for always having more than ample parking, free printing and for having so few people that it was possible for design students to play ‘doof doof’ music whenever they wanted.

We all feel cheated about the way you were taken from us so young and yet we must learn to be grateful for our new “student centred” location that was selected with literally no student input.

We love you, we miss you and we will spend the next one to three years complaining about being moved off you.

Emma Del Dot, Editor in Grief

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