Save the Bird

By Anne Christine:

A legacy and a future are at stake.

Just post its 25th year, our University stands a distinguished contender among venerable institutions across the country. Accessible, all-inclusive, and accomplished, UWS offers a unique community experience to staff and students alike. These three simple letters – UWS – stand for opportunity; a chance to be tutored by knowledgeable and respectable professors, to engage in social, educational and political dialogues that influence the future of our generation, and to represent, with pride, an establishment that nourishes the seeds of our potential so that we graduate prepared and motivated to face the challenges ahead.

We, the UWS community, have been let down. Kept in the dark while a plot was at hand to strip us of our collective identity. In the wake of recent announcements regarding the “rebranding” of our University, we fear for the future of the establishment we have come to call a second home.

We propose an official union of all students who strive to #SavetheBird. Let’s make the University Board accountable for their decisions over the last few months; decisions that were made without consulting or informing students, past, present and future. We want to know how an outlay of some 20 million dollars for the implementation of digital and physical rebranding across six campuses will add value to the educational and social experiences of students. We want to open a dialogue for ALL UWS supporters to express their concerns.
As of Monday 10th August, we will be proudly and loudly sporting royal blue ribbons to show our devotion to UWS and that infamous bird, symbol of freedom to learn, achieve, and prosper! We would love you to join us in wearing a royal blue ribbon and spreading the word across the whole UWS community. If you wish to support by distributing ribbons on your campus, please let us know so that we can send them on to you. We understand that not all Student Campus Councils feel strongly opposed to the upcoming changes; as comrades of the UWS community as it stands, we would greatly appreciate your help in raising awareness of the opportunity to support #SavetheBird by sharing our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with your followers.
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2 Responses to Save the Bird

  1. Sabrina August 6, 2015 at 11:04 pm #

    I hate this rebranding so much! I’m graduating next month. My degree better say UWS and have a blue bird on it!


  2. Marco August 10, 2015 at 3:49 pm #

    UWS, University of Western Sydney, this is and has been the name of our university since its inception. Rebranding does not ensure you are at the forefront of change, or driving it. Change occurs when you are working with the students, from the ground up, to create a better university by improving the structure and foundations with regards to classes, courses, staff and facilities.

    You can’t buy change, you have to make it #savethebird