While there is no uniform response on what you are going to find on campus, there are general features that you should expect in almost all of them. Of course, there are many differences based on the one you choose to go to, Your personality also has a big influence on the type of experience that you will have.

Academic Life 

Since the main reason for you to go to campus is to get academic knowledge, you should expect to go for classes for the better part of a semester. This can be virtual or face to face. The academic life also involves a lot of assignments, group work, presentations, and participation in extracurricular activities. Students should expect to be assigned regular readings from course textbooks that are often available in the library. There are campuses that have punitive measures for people who do not perform well in their academics. Some go as far as suspending or expelling those who do not meet the course grade requirements.

Social Life 

A lot of friendships and relationships are established on campus. Most campuses have entertainment facilities, including bars and restaurants where students can bond. There are also sporting and club activities that campus students can join to boost their social lives. For you to enjoy your social life in campus, be open to interacting with many people, and do not just spend all your days holed up in your college dorm.

There is a need for a clear balance between social and academic life on campus. Every student must be fully aware not to be immersed in one aspect of campus life and miss out completely on another.