Over the years, it is becoming common for universities to give online exams. The Covid-19 pandemic and the quick uptake of technology has normalised instructors issuing exams online for their students. If you have never taken an online exam, it can be nerve-racking for you to imagine not being in a traditional classroom.

Preparing For Online Exam 

*Understand test guidelines: You first need to understand the basics of the exam, such as specific time and date, time allocated for the exam, whether the exam will be issued through a proctoring service and other important factors.

*Practise:  You should look for different exams online so that you practise. Time yourself so that you know areas that you need to improve on.

*Check your computer and internet: To avoid disappointments that come with technological issues, you should always check them in advance. Ensure that your internet is correctly fixed and your computer is working properly so that you do not get cut off from the exam.

*Study hard: Even if the exam is an open book and you are allowed to refer to your notes, you will be expected to work within a set time. If you have not been studying, you will definitely struggle with the exam.

*Set up a quiet place: You will need a quiet place with less distraction if you want to pass your online exam. You should therefore find a room where you will be alone, and notify the people around you that you have an exam so they should not disturb you.  You should also gather all the materials you will need such as stationary so that you do not have to keep walking away from your desk all the time.

If you are well prepared for the exam, you do not need to worry about passing. Remember to stay away from social media sites and other sites that could distract you while studying.